The Pagoda story began in the early 1940s when a young man named Liew Kee Yin left Hopoh in Guangdong Province, China for the then Malaya to seek his fortune.

Through sheer hard work and dedication, he soon made his mark as a tapioca and tobacco trader as well as an acute businessman, founding the agricultural products trading company, Thong Thye in 1945.

After World War II, Kee Yin saw the big market potential for groundnuts. With the abundant supply of raw fresh groundnuts in the Kinta Valley at that time, all it took was to process the groundnuts in the “Menglembu” way and find a way to market it to the community.

These he did with much success, being one of the first to commercialise the Menglembu groundnuts as a wholesome snack food by using the Pagoda trademark.

The Pagoda brand has its origins in Hopoh, Guangdong, China, the birth place of the founder. Being sentimentally attached to his ancestor’s home as an immigrant and being inspired by the Pagoda in Hopoh built in the 19th century that had withstood flood, famine and drought through the years, Liew Kee Yin decided to use this Pagoda architecture as the trademark to symbolise strength and tenacity.


Our Vision

Enrich life everywhere with wholesome snacking.


Our Mission

Be a leading brand which offers tasty and healthy snacks by using fresh and premium ingredients as well as a company that grows on innovation and talents to create value for customers and business partners.